Road less travelled

by Clint Krissansen

 Road less travelled. 

I have just launched a pledge me crowdfunding campaign with the ambition of taking the brand to the next level in terms of sustainability. I aim to create products with an absolute minimal impact on the planet. Reducing the carbon footprint of products by sourcing natural materials and resources ethically and locally in New Zealand

Rather than creating a global network importing and shipping resources from the other side of the world not to mention the issues with ethics and traceability that can come with creating products overseas.

I believe this mass globalization of products is a huge part of our environmental problem. Shipping and importing just about everything we buy from other parts of the world by air and sea creating continuous mass polluting of the planet instead of creating locally and building local thriving communities who can support each other.

With your help I hope to raise enough funds to create a base range of products that have the smallest impact on the planet in every way.

Through sourcing locally. Creating fabrics, materials, natural dyes, eco packaging and ethically manufacturing the products here in New Zealand.

A good platform has already been developed by using organic cottons and natural linens with some products already being made in New Zealand. How ever sourcing a lot of my products and materials overseas because it has been the conventional easier and cheaper way of doing things, but causing the biggest impact on the planet. I want to develop the brand into a leader in sustainability and doing business in an unconventional way as well as continuing campaigns on creating more awareness surrounding plastic pollution and the effects its having on the marine environment.

Doing business in an unconventional way I believe will have to become the normal if we are to sustain ourselves on this planet.

So please join me on this journey and helping me to lead the way in creating change and putting the planet at the forefront of every product created. 

Much love,


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