Behind The Brand

by Clint Krissansen

An insight into the brand and where its headed.

Written by founder Clint Krissansen.

I started Wild Society a few years back with the intention of creating a brand that would embrace surf culture, film and bring back nostalgic vibes and designs while producing products in a socially responsible way.

As the brand developed my ideas and beliefs of what I wanted to create have also developed to a stage now where I want to create something special.

A brand that is leading the way in sustainability and creating impactful change in how we live. Developing positive awareness around environmental issues such as plastic pollution and the effects its having on our marine environment.  

I want to work towards creating all products with an absolute minimal impact on the planet. Reducing the carbon footprint of products by sourcing natural materials and resources ethically and locally in New Zealand. Rather than creating a global network, importing and shipping resources from the other side of the world. Not to mention the issues with ethics and traceability that can come with creating products overseas.

I believe this mass globalization of products is a huge part of our environmental problem. Shipping and importing just about everything we buy from other parts of the world by air and sea. Creating continuous mass polluting of the planet instead of creating locally and building local thriving communities who can support each other. 

Through society positive I've created a group of like minded people working towards a common goal of creating and encouraging change around how we deal with plastic pollution and its impacts through creative expression.

I see society positive as a huge opportunity to continue to grow and develop. Creating a larger collective voice finding solutions, coming up with innovative ideas and driving community projects while keeping our core roots of surf culture, nostalgic design and film alive.

Doing business in an unconventional way I believe will have to become the normal if we are to sustain ourselves on this planet. 

So please join me on this journey into the unknown and support me in developing a brand we can all be proud of. 

Thanks Clint