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Small but dangerous

Small but dangerous – the tiny plastic killing our ocean.The utilization of plastics over the last few years has increased dramatically due to its cheap and easy usability. Unfortunately, one of man's most prized creations has filled our soil and oceans with microplastics which has a devastating impact on the most precious of ecosystems. With 8 million tons of plastic dumped in our oceans every year, marine life is swallowing more than ever before. The longer we wait to change our ways, the worse it will get – but we can turn the tide if we listen to those trying to make us change our lives for the better.What happens when microplastics end up in the ocean?Small fragments disposed in...

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Road less travelled

Journey less travelled. Creating products with absolute minimal impact on the planet. Reducing the carbon footprint of products by sourcing natural materials and resources ethically and locally. 

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Society Positive - volume one

Volume one of society positive showcases artworks by Isabella Young called 'polluted waters' Polluted waters utilizes zero carbon, water based paints on recycled board that consciously considers low environmental impact materials. Various blue tones and vibrancies visually represent the ocean atmosphere with layered plastic waste on top that references pollution. Imagery includes bottle caps, straws, single use packaging, bottles and plastic bags. 

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