Society Positive

  • Oat flatty and a tuna sandwich

    by Clint Krissansen Oat flatty and a tuna sandwich
    Oat flatty and a Tuna Sandwich   Microplastics are EVERYWHERE1. And I’m going to back this up with REAL scientific research because why believe som...
  • Society Positive

    by Clint Krissansen Society Positive
    Tuhua, a safe haven island off the east coast New Zealand, named after its abundance in the naturally occurring volcanic glass- Obsidian. The 13...
  • Behind The Brand

    by Clint Krissansen Behind The Brand
    An insight into the brand and where its headed. Written by founder Clint Krissansen. I started Wild Society a few years back with the intention of...
  • Small but dangerous

    by Clint Krissansen Small but dangerous
    Small but dangerous – the tiny plastic killing our ocean.The utilization of plastics over the last few years has increased dramatically due to its ...
  • Road less travelled

    by Clint Krissansen Road less travelled

    Journey less travelled. Creating products with absolute minimal impact on the planet. Reducing the carbon footprint of products by sourcing natural materials and resources ethically and locally. 

  • Society Positive - Poetry

    by Clint krissansen Society Positive - Poetry
  • Society Positive - volume one

    by Clint krissansen Society Positive - volume one
    Volume one of society positive showcases artworks by Isabella Young called 'polluted waters' Polluted waters utilizes zero carbon, water based pain...