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Thirty one and extinct

Thirty One and Extinct Climate Change When I get overwhelmed I like to escape the concrete jungle of the city. My favourite place on earth is home, a secluded part of Central Otago, that none of my Dunedin friends have ever heard of, called Cambrian. I grew up surrounded by the rolling St Bathans and Hawkdun mountain ranges, in the dry yellow tussock covered hills and under the willow trees along the river banks. It sounds a bit like the fantasy world created in Tolkien’s novels, minus the hobbit holes. And it is. In fact they filmed sections of the films there. That fantasy is my home. So when it comes to climate change, it is a disaster for a...

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Plastic pollution - The seventh continent

The seventh continent: plastics graveyardSomewhere out in the Pacific Ocean is a mountain of plastic the size of Europe. And sadly, if we don’t clean up our act, there will be more plastic than fish swimming in the ocean by 2050.In 1907 the invention of a new material called plastic seemed like the light at the end of the tunnel for civilisation. Through this revolutionary discovery, human manufacturing would no longer be confined by the limitations of natural, raw materials – or so they thought.Skip less than one hundred years down the line, and we are well into seeing the destructive effects of this once promising design.Every single piece of plastic created since 1907 is still on Earth. Unfortunately for...

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